Gujjars  belong to an anciant tribe.They  live in subcontinent and many countries of the world like Russia, Afghanistan, Georgia, Nepal, Iran,  Chechnia  also. In reign of ''Huna'' Gujjars came into Subcontinent.Accoriding to some historians, Gujjars are the native residents of Subcontinent.There are two major groups of Gujjars, i.e. Pastorlist and agriculturalist. The group which selected agriculture as profession  called  Pastoral۔

The  other group  is called  Bakarwals (Nomads).They have herds of sheep. In summer, they go to the high altitude of mountain for grazing their animals and in winter season, they travel to the lower land.So, round the year they use to travel. They are very brave and bold people. They are very honest hospitable and followers of Islam.